A little while ago I can across an issue where connectivity from a customers site back to our data centre was lost. We had 2 routers on their site set up as a HSRP pair, the issue was that the primary routers circuit was having an issue which resulted in us loosing connectivity. As HSRP was configured operations thought that the router should flip to the resilient router that did not have the same issue, this was not the case a only the physical interface was tracked and the physical interface stayed up throughout the issue.

I had already started the process of reviewing how our 3rd party solutions could be improved and was in the process of redesigning the HSRP configuration but never expected the theoretical fault to occur while proving the configuration in the test bed.

What was this solution I was testing and how would it mitigate this specific issue?

IOS track

IOS has a nice feature that allows you to track various things on a router


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