BGP process in MPLS VPN;

  • Global BGP routes (Internet routing) are exchanges as in traditional BGP setup
  • VPNv4 Prefixes are exchanged through MP-BGP
  • VPN routes are exchanged with CE routers through per-VRF External BGP sessions


  • (config)# router bgp
  • (config-router)# address-family vpn4
  • (config-router)# address-familty ipv4 vrf

Configuring MP-iBGP

  • router bgp
  • neighbor remote-as
  • neighbor update-source interface-type interface-number


router(config-router)# address-family vpnv4
router(config-router-af)# neighbor <ip-address> activeΒ  #!activate the remote defined peers
router(config-router-af)# neighbor ip-address next-hop-self
router(config-router-af)# neighbor ip-address send-community [standard | extended | both]