AutoQoS Enterprise not just focused on VoIP but also video and data traffic (up to 10 classes of traffic – Cisco Best practice).

Typically for medium sized companies


  • router(config-if) or (config-fr-dlci)# auto discovery qos [trust]   #configures the discovery phase by gathering stats via NBAR

  • router(config-if) or (config-fr-dlci)# auto qos     # this command will not work until stats have been gathered, it instructs the templates generated to be applied.

  • #show auto qos [interface ]     # displays created configuration

  • #show auto discovery qos        #displays what AutoQoS has discovered

Before AutoQoS Enterprise recommends any policy it needs to monitor the traffic to understand network and traffic patterns

Before configuring (applying a sugested policy) you must remove any existing policies on the interface

CEF needs to be enabled on the router (needed for NBAR to run)

Correctly state the interaface bandwidths