So I have started looking at CCIE study and have been looking around to see what books and useful material exists out there. To begin with this list may be sort but as I progress I am sure that the list will increase. I look to have been very lucky in that a number of these books (and more) my Dad actually got for me while he was working for Cisco (pre-retirement), I can only assume that he asked around for the best books as some of these are viewed as bibles. Looking back I see how lucky I was while doing my University course due to resources available to me!! If I do not own the book I make use of Safari Online Books which I have been using for a few years now.

As the moment this is just a straight list, I will update each one with comments as and when I read them;

The following titles are no longer for sale in print format, but are available for free online view at the InformIT Reference Library:

1. CCIE Practical Studies, Volume I

2. CCIE Practical Studies, Volume II

3. Troubleshooting Remote Access Networks

4. Troubleshooting VPNs

The DocCD is

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