So I have started looking at CCIE study and have been looking around to see what books and useful material exists out there. To begin with this list may be a little messy.I look to have been very lucky in that a number of these books (and more) my Dad actually got for me while he was working for Cisco (pre-retirement), I can only assume that he asked around for the best books as some of these are viewed as bibles. Looking back I see how lucky I was while doing my University course due to resources available to me!!

I did for a long period of time make use or Safari Online Books however as I used it less and less (due to existing library collection and the fact Ciscopress started to do the $9.99 book deal) I cancelled the subscription although I would recommend to anyone.

As the moment this is just a straight list, I will update each one with comments as and when I read them;

The following titles are no longer for sale in print format, but are available for free online view at the InformIT Reference Library:

The DocCD is

The following is a list of intresting RFC’s;

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