So what does MSP/Service Provider feature (Managed Service Provider) give me with UCS Director, I’ve see the option when I am in the system configuration (Administration->System->Service Provider Features) section?

To enable you click the box and you then get the option of what to call your 1st & 2nd level structure. You need to then restart the system for the changes to be applied (I have noticed it takes a bit longer to come back up then usual as the feature is enabled).

Now when you go the users and groups section (Administration->Users and Groups) you can see the organisation structure you have set and from can now organise groups and users as per the below diagram.

Enabled Features

The MSP feature enables the high level categorisation of customer organisations, within the MSP organisation multiple sub-categories or child organisations can be grouped. An example is;

The features it enables are;

  • Branding Support is also enabled for multiple levels;
  • Global Branding
  • Branding per group (customer org)
  • Organisation
  • Branding used in all reports and forms
  • Tenant level reports and access control
  • Resource allocation at tenant and container level
  • Tenant FW & LB management (ACI)
  • Resource limits at both tenant and container/group level
  • Cost Model (physical & virtual) for tenant MSP
  • Cloud sense reports filtering for MSP admin portal
  • Cloud sense report created for a specific group should not be visible to other groups
  • Only reports that are applicable for MSP admin role will be available in MSP admin portal
  • MSP admin can generate reports only for member groups
  • MSP admin can see only member group info in customer organisation table
  • MSP admin can create only groups which are members of MSP organization. Earlier we used to allow MSP admin to create non member groups.