Somethings different, did you change your hair?

To be fair with lockdown v3.0 my hair has grown way beyond what I am used to but no that’s not it. Many years ago, back in the days of riding the CLI of network devices at HSBC and a little after I expanded my scope from network management consultancy I change my handle and domains from nmsmonkey to clijockey. Both handles made sense back then however as i have evolved my skill set and view of the world clijockey just didn’t seem to fit. In fact riding the CLI like a jockey is a bit of an anti-pattern in the DevOps/GitOps/automation world.

Although with the rapid change on technology and tools I feel more like ….

So what to use as a new handle, and should I really change my existing one?

The reality is I don’t have a huge following so not even sure anyone will notice. It’s also relatively straightforward and I feel like the new handle will last for much longer.

What did I want to incorporate into the name? The things that jumped to mind where;

  • cloud
  • coffee
  • people
  • human
  • devops

While I did find DevOpsCoffee was not taken I thought it would fall into the same trap as the old handles. While discussing with my amazing wife she suggested sapien (as in Homo Sapien ….. humans etc. etc.) which fast turned into sapient.

wise, or attempting to appear wise.


“relating to the human species ( Homo sapiens ).

Combining this with coffee seemed to feel right. I love coffee (nerd out at times) and often attempt to appear wise and lets be honest coffee is always wise!

Sapient Coffee

@SapientCoffee and was born.

Now to update some of the sketchnotes and links dotted across the Internet ……. time will tell if changing handles was a mistake.